Sponsor a girl or boy at risk of exclusion from the Himalayas of India for their schooling

You can now help get a better future of girls and boys from the Eastern Himalayas of India, screened by Buddhist monks and collaborators among poor families.

1. Girls and boys in process of sponsoring

You can sponsor a child totally o partially. Click on the photos below to get to know the girl or boy better and her sponsorship status. Each case is treated individually. Currently there are children in process of screening and selection.

Maya Ranasow

Maya R.

Girl from village. Recently SPONSORED
Rinzin Phuntsok

Rinzin P.

Boy from a refugee camp. Recently SPONSORED
Maling Jangmu

Maling J.

Girl from village. Help her finish her education

Dorjee D.

Girl from village. Help her for a better future
Chenga Chotton

Chenga Ch.

Girl from village. Help her for a better future
Badal Kumar

Sagar K.

Boy from village in Bihar. Help him schooling. Recently SPONSORED
Pema Yeuon

Pema Y.

Girl from village. Partially SPONSORED
Lobsang Pema

Lobsang P.

Girl from village. Help her for a better future
Sonam Diki

Sonam D.

Girl from village. Partially SPONSORED
Rinchen Eton

Rinchen E.

Girl from village. Help her for a better future
Tenzin Seton

Tenzin S.

Girl from village. Help her for a better future

For more information, get in touch with the Foundation sending a message to

Sponsors receive information on the child’s progress, as well as at least two letters a year written by the child. They can communicate with her/him and also arrange a visit to Dehradun to meet her/him and even volunteer.


The first new sponsored child (from Bihar) arriving at the Tibetan Children’s Home:

Sagar with his family
Sagar being prepared
The Tibetan Children's Home welcomes Sagar

2. Girls and boys whose schooling has been facilitated by the Foundation

The Foundation has helped the proper schooling of children from the Eastern Himalayas villages 

Pema Z.

Girl from village. Recently SPONSORED

3. Girls and boys already sponsored and enrolled in school

Tibetan Children’s Home. Niños

The Tibetan Children’s Home hostel hosts girls and boys from families in a very precarious situation in the Himalayas. It has already taken a significant number of them out of poverty. With the education received they have been able to occupy a decent position in their society. For years some of the monks of the Foundation have collaborated in the selection and support of the hosted children.

The children are cared for, supported and tutored in the hostel. They attend one of the two nearby schools, the Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation School, a public Tibetan language school, and another private English language school.

Children in the sponsorship process will join this hostel, which has long experience and is fully operational at a low cost with local staff.

Agradecimiento de la Tibetan Children’s Home
The children of the Tibetan Children's Home thank our Foundation and wish its director Sonam success in his journey to Mön-Arunachal in the Himalayas to bring and help more girls and boys of the villages in their schooling

Ultimately, all of humanity is one, it is a whole, and this small planet is our only home. If we want to protect this home of ours, each of us needs to cultivate and practice universal compassion.

– HH the XIV Dalai Lama