Arunachal Pradesh is the state of India with the lowest level of schooling and high poverty.

Our project, in collaboration with our associated center Geyje Norling, Monastery and Charitable Society, aims to build a residence (hostel facilities) for girls and boys from villages near Tawang, the area of Tibetan culture in the foothills of the Himalayas, in Northeast India.

Children are currently unable to attend Tawang’s government schools because of their remoteness from their villages or because of their parents’ poverty or lack of education. A hostel  supervised by the Foundation and the lamas of the nearby Geyje Norling Monastery and Charitable Society, which is a associated center of the Foundation, will make it possible for the children to have an education and a future, and the area will increase its sustainable development.

Mapa con Tawang

With the hostel, the children will be able to have boarding so that they can attend the government school regularly during the academic year. Subsequently, the facilities will be expanded to serve as accommodation for young people who have the capacity to go to the University of the area, but do not have means.

For the construction of the residence, an urban land in Tawang belonging to the Geyje Norling Monastery will be used, suitable for its proximity to a school, and already having electricity and water supply. The project is in the definition phase, with the preliminary design of the facilities for the expected number of children.

If you are interested in collaborating in the project from the beginning, you can get in touch with the patrons of the Foundation through our means of contact. You can also directly make a donation from now on for the project.


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