Itanagar. Camino en construcción

Arunachal Pradesh is the state of India with the lowest level of schooling and high poverty.

The project objective is to build a hostel and school for under privileged children. The project is carried out in collaboration with our associate center Geyje Norling Monastery and Charitable Society. The site is located in the south of Arunachal Pradesh, next to Assam, and aims to help school children from villages in the area of northeastern India, next to an airport under construction, which will facilitate access. Minorities and refugees from Bangladesh (Chakma) reside in these villages, living in very precarious conditions, almost of subsistence.

The land, located in an elevated position, and close to the villages, has been donated by a local owner.

Mapa con Itanagar

The gradual construction of the following modules is planned. In the first phase, a hostel that will make it possible for children to access a public primary school, by having a place to stay in the vicinity of the school. In a second phase, the plan is to build a primary school.

The road is currently being built, approximately 1.5 km long, to access the place where the hostel and later the school will be built.

Next, the donated land will be leveled and topographical data will be taken to prepare the engineering/architecture project.

If you are interested in collaborating in the project from the beginning, you can get in touch with the patrons of the Foundation through our means of contact. You can also directly make a donation from now on for the project, and specifically for the access road under construction. See donation form below.

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