Projects in Arunachal Pradesh (Himalayas of India)

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The Foundation has launched three social aid and cooperation projects in the Himalayan area of Tibetan culture in Arunachal Pradesh. This area is characterized by a low level of development, scattered villages and a high level of poverty and illiteracy. As a result of that there is a permanent problem of lack of schooling, especially for girls. They end up in a marginal and precarious situation. They need to be helped to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. See Our priorities of social and development aid.



The projects are: Sponsorship for schooling, Construction of hostel in Tawang and Construction of hostel and school in Itanagar.

The Foundation has an associated center in India, Geyje Norling, which is a monastery and also a charitable society recognized by the Indian State. Through this center the Foundation manages part of these projects.

The projects contribute to local development, a fair society and the reduction of the global flow of migration, by breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in the area.

All projects are managed by Tibetan Buddhist monks with the help of volunteers and follow the principles of austerity, transparency and minimum management costs.

UNESCO. State of the Education in India Report 2021
UNESCO. State of the Education in India Report 2021


Project of sponsoring girls and boys for schooling

Sponsor a girl from the Tibetan Himalayas in India so that she can go to school and be inserted in society with dignity, thereby helping local development. One of the best ways to make an effective impact with your generosity

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The Foundation has launched the children sponsorship project in collaboration with the Tibetan Children’s Home. This hostel, located in Dehra Dun, in the Himalayas of India, houses children from poor families or orphans who cannot go to school due to lack of means, distance and illiteracy of their parents. With the sponsoring, children can be enrolled for primary and secondary education in schools close to the hostel, thus giving them the opportunity to occupy a decent place in society.

The children come mainly from Arunachal Pradesh (in the Eastern Himalayas area) and some also from Tibetan refugee camps (of families from Tibet) in other parts of India.

The children to be sponsored (most of them are girls) from that area are screened from among the most precarious and underprivileged families. The process is supervised by monks and collaborators from Tawang and Geyje Norling, an associated center of the Foundation.

The hostel was built a few years ago with the help of the Indian government and different international associations. It counts with the support of HH the Dalai Lama and HH the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. A significant number of girls and boys have already been hosted and educated and now work in different sectors of their society. Now it is necessary to cover the boarding, school fees and related expenses of new girls and boys on the waiting list selected in the villages and tribes by the monks and collaborators.

Projects of hostels and school construction for village boys and girls

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In addition, the Foundation has two other projects in definition and planning phase, in which you can also get involved and contribute. These are:

Hostel for girls and boys in Tawang. We are planning a hostel for some 30 girls and boys from the area, who otherwise would not be able to attend school, due to poverty, remoteness and illiteracy of their parents.

Hostel and school in Itanagar. The hostel and school will be built on donated land next to poor minority and refugee villages. We are building an access road now. The project will help schooling and local development possible.

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