The “COMPASSION GARDEN Buddhist Foundation for the benefit of all beings” has, according to its Constitution, the following charitable, non-profit and general interest goals:

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1) Help people and beings in general to free themselves from their limitations and suffering and thereby live authentic happiness and inner peace through Buddhist philosophy

The Foundation provides teachings and practices based on the philosophy of wisdom and compassion to help people develop their potential and thereby contribute to a better world.

The practical and non-dogmatic nature of the teachings means that anyone can benefit regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

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2) Provide social and development aid aimed at disadvantaged populations and especially those in the Himalayan area

Through specific local and international projects, the Foundation helps populations in precarious situations with needs that the Foundation can meet, prioritizing those of Tibetan origin in the Himalayas, especially in India and Nepal, whose rich culture (like art and natural health practices) also supports.

The Foundation is committed to being an example of engaged Buddhism and effective social help, contributing to the improvement of the society in which we live.

3) Promote harmony, tolerance and peace among beliefs

In line with the motivation of universal benefit, the Foundation develops initiatives for harmony, peace and inter religious and secular dialogue, emphasizing spirituality as a fundamental dimension to be considered as a complement to science and materialism.

Within its philosophy of openness, humanism and universality, it collaborates with other organizations with different philosophies and beliefs and similar altruistic purposes, as well as with secular and scientific organizations.

Universal Altruism

The attitude of universal altruism, for the benefit of all sentient beings, is our leading principle

Universal values

Our Foundations follows the universal values of the Universal Vehicle of Buddhism in its internal operation and external activities.


Discernment, mental clarity, understanding of reality and mind...


Aspiration, resolve and work for the benefit of all beings...

Perfections or paramitas

Generosity, moral behaviour, patience, energy, serenity, wisdom
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