Centers of the Compassion Garden Buddhist Foundation

Our foundation operates internationally, contributing to the development of populations in precarious situations. In order to do its charitable non for profit work,  we operate a Center of Meditation and Social Aid Projects in Madrid, as well as Associate Centers in different parts of the world.

Our own facilities

Fundación Budista Jardín de la Compasión. Oficinas centrales. Entrada

Madrid Central Offices

In our central offices, located in the Lucero neighborhood, the Associate Centers are coordinated and the activity of the Foundation is organized: teachings, practices and meditations, development aid projects, and retreats, trips and events.

Centro de Madrid

Center of Meditation and Social Aid Projects 

The center of Madrid, next to the central offices, has a large multipurpose space, which is also a meditation room, and other spaces, such as an exhibition area with a small shop, a library and meeting rooms to carry out the different activities of the Foundation.

Associate Centers

The associate centres, with their own characteristics and history, follow the Foundation’s philosophy, support its goals and act in a coordinated manner.

Center and Stupa Chökhorling in Murcia

It was the first center opened in Spain by the lamas coming from the northeast area of the Himalayas. The beautiful stupa, like all stupas in the Buddhist tradition, is a symbol of the awakening that we can all achieve. Practices and meditations are the main activities carried out in the center of Murcia.

Center in the Himalayas of India: Monastery y Welfare Society Geyje Norling

It is a recently renovated ancient monastery located in the easternmost part of the Himalayan foothills, in the vicinity of the great Tawang monastery. Some of the founders and patrons of the Foundation come from there. For its important work helping nearby populations, the State of Arunachal Pradesh of India granted the title of Welfare Society to the Monastery.