Activity Rooms in the Madrid Center of the Compassion Garden Buddhist Foundation

The Compassion Garden Buddhist Center in Madrid, owned by the Compassion Garden Foundation – Yamtse Drophen Ling, has several multipurpose Rooms for activities, a Library and an Exhibition Area with a small attached Store.

The multipurpose area is where the different activities of the Center and the Foundation are carried out: 

  • The organization of social and development aid projects
  • Teachings, practices and meditations 
  • Meetings, encounters and conferences
  • A place for silent reflection and contemplation, etc

 The large CHENREZIG *  Hall is our gompa (meditation hall).

* Chenrezig is a Bodhisattva (specifically the Bodhisattva of Compassion), that is, one who has already freed himself and who helps others to free themselves from suffering and ignorance. He represents the universal archetype of universal love, of mother, of nature … of generosity, of altruism.  He is Tara and her different forms, Avalokiteshvara in the Sanskrit tradition, Guan Yin in China and Kannon in Japan and Korea. She is sometimes represented as having four arms, seated holding the chintámani jewel in two hands, and a lotus flower and a mala in the other two.

May I be the doctor and the medicine, and may I be the nurse, for all sick beings in the world, until everyone is healed


Universal Values

In its operations and practices, both internal and external, our Foundation follows the universal values ​​of the Universal Vehicle of Buddhism


Mental clarity, discernment, awareness...


Consideration, lovingkindness, equanimity...

Perfections (paramitas)

Generosity, ethic behavior, patience, diligence, serenity, wisdom
Gran Buda en Bodhgaya (India)