The Good Work of our Volunteers

The Compassion Garden Buddhist Foundation and its Madrid Center operate mainly thanks to the collaboration of volunteers.

They participate in social and development aid projects, perform maintenance, manage social networks, receive visitors, take inventory or make sure everything is ready for activities…  What would we do without our volunteers?

If you have a particular skill and you think you would like to collaborate with the Foundation in your free time, you can volunteer.  We recommend getting to know the center, its philosophy and activities before making a decision.

Once you have made the decision, contact our staff to get in touch with those responsible for managing the incorporation. It is possible to become a regular volunteer with a set timetable and task or simply a sporadic volunteer for specific activities.

 If you become volunteer, once admitted, you must

  • Sign an agreement with the Foundation 
  • Receive guidance about the Foundation, its purposes and operations 
  • Receive training for the job, position or task
  • Assume the code of ethics

May I be the doctor and the medicine, and may I be the nurse, for all sick beings in the world, until everyone is healed


Universal Values

In its operations and practices, both internal and external, the Foundation follows the universal values of the Universal Vehicle of Buddhism


Mental clarity, discernment, awareness...


Consideration, lovingkindness, equanimity...

Perfections (paramitas)

Generosity, ethic behavior, patience, diligence, serenity, wisdom
Gran Buda en Bodhgaya (India)