Sonam Tsomu

Sonam T. I

Girl from village. SPONSORED

Sonam T. I  is a 6 years old girl from Dundunghar village in the Easter Himalayas (Mön Arunachal), the sixth child of an underprivileged family with nine children. Her parents can hardly sustain their children. Sonam occasionally goes to a local government school, with very low level of resources and educational means. So her future would be to remain in poverty and under educated. The current exclusion rate of girls is very high in these areas, so educating girls is a priority for development.

Her father does labor work and her mother takes care of children and the household work. The financial condition of the family is very precarious.

The family has nine children, five boys and four girls. One boy is in the monastery, another one stays at home helping parents. Three of her younger siblings stay at home under the care of their mother and the rest attend the public local village school.

Her parents realize that they can not do more for her, and understand that joining the Tibetan Children’s Home (TCH) hostel and the Nehru Memorial school will be better for the family and for her. She is willing to join as soon as possible.

So there is now an opportunity to board her in the TCH residence and enroll her in the nearby well resourced school, helping her reach a better future and thus contributing to the development of the local society and closing the gender gap.

You can be in direct contact with your sponsored child and monitor her progress in the education process.



To be covered by the sponsorship:

Boarding (shelter and meals) at the Tibetan Children’s Home: €58 per month.

School (fees, uniform, books, transportation): €25 per month


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