Badal Kumar

Sagar K.

Boy from village in Bihar. SPONSORED

Sagar K. is a 6-year-old boy, the second child in a disadvantaged family with three children from the Dwarika village in the Indian state of Bihar. His parents make a living from casual day labor and can barely support their children. They live in a temporary built house ( tin-roofed shack). When it rains, their house is usually flooded and they have to ask for help in the neighborhood.

Sagar and his two brothers have never been to school and have no means to attend one. So his future would be to remain poor and uneducated.

His parents realize that they cannot do enough for him and recognize that joining the Tibetan Children’s Home (TCH) and the Nehru Memorial School will be the best thing for the family and for him, who is willing to join as soon as possible.

So there is now an opportunity to board him in the TCH hostel and enroll him in the nearby well resourced school, helping her reach a better future and thus contributing to the development of the local society.

You can be in direct contact with your sponsored child and monitor his progress in the education process.



To be covered by the sponsorship:

Boarding (shelter and meals) at the Tibetan Children’s Home: €58 per month.

School (fees, uniform, books, transportation): €25 per month


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