Rinchen Tashi

Rinchen T.

Boy from village. SPONSORED

Rinchen T. is a 13 year old boy from an underprivileged family in Sanghar village. His parents have nine children. The father works on a small piece of land and the mother takes care of the children and the house. They do not have a regular income that allows them to meet family expenses. The children cannot attend school.

He is currently staying at the Tibetan Children’s Home and attends the nearby school. He attends elementary school, with great interest and performance.

He has recently lost the initial sponsor who helped him from the beginning. He needs to be able to continue his studies.

The sponsor will be in direct contact with the child and monitor the progress in his education.



Already covered by the sponsorship:

Boarding (shelter and meals) at the Tibetan Children’s Home: €58 per month.

School (fees, uniform, books, transportation): €25 per month

English education supplement: €48 per month