Thupten Gurung


He is a member of the Board of Trustees the Foundation.

  •  Born in Nepal in 1973.
  •  Buddhist monk since 1983
  •  Geshe Lharampa* degree, equivalent to doctorate, after 23 years of study, at Ganden Jangtse Monastery (India)
  •  Advanced studies of Buddhist tantra at Gyume Tantric Monastery, obtaining the title of Geshe Ngakrampa **
  •  Director of a Buddhist Center in Taiwan
  •  Professor of Buddhist Philosophy and Practices


* Geshe Lharampa title.  The Tibetan word Geshe (“ge” means virtue and “she” friend who helps to know) has as meaning: spiritual friend or friend who knows virtue, that is, who knows what should be practiced and what should be put aside .  It is obtained in the universities and institutes of Tibetan Buddhism, continuing the great intellectual tradition of the ancient Indian Buddhist universities of Nalanda and Vikramasila.  The title is achieved after intensive studies, reflection sessions and debate sessions on classical philosophical texts of Buddhism and their comments in different aspects: ontology or nature of reality, epistemology or the way in which man knows, psychology or science of the mind, logic, and ethics or moral behavior.  It requires a minimum of 17 years of study, which can be equivalent to a doctorate or PhD, but it also covers other domains such as, for example, monastic discipline.  Upon attaining the title of Geshe, the most advanced students take examinations and further studies for six more years until they achieve the degree of Geshe Lharampa.

 ** Geshe Ngakrampa title.  After attaining the title of Gueshe Lharampa, the more advanced students spend a full year at Gyume University studying Tantrayana and, after passing the exams, they obtain the title of Ngakrampa Gueshe.  Normally afterwards they dedicate themselves to teaching in different centers internationally.