Lama Acharya Norbu


Spiritual director

Acharya NORBU is one of the spiritual directors in the Foundation’s center of Madrid. The spiritual directors carry out the center’s activities: teachings, practices and meditations, social and development aid projects, etc. In addition to their local activities, they travel to the Geyje Norling center in India, which is also an officially recognized charitable society, to help in its management and development aid projects.

He was born in 1993 in Kharteng village in Tawang district in the Eastern Himalayas of northern India.

At the age of 7 he joined the Geyje Norling Monastery as a monk, where he began his studies and after a few years he moved to the Tawang Monastery, which is the second largest monastery in Asia. There he studied Buddhist philosophy, rituals, languages ​​and social sciences for 9 years.

He was then admitted to the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies in Sarnath, Benares, India, studying Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology (Abhidarma, Pramana, Prajnaparamita…), as well as classical Dharma languages ​​(Sanskrit, Tibetan) and English and Indian languages.

In 2022 he became an Acharya, which is equivalent to a higher university degree in philosophy, psychology and classical Dharma languages, along with contemplative and ritual practices.

He has served in the Monasteries of Tawang and Geyje Norling, helping the community of practitioners in that area of ​​the Eastern Himalayas.

In 2024 he joined the group of lamas residing in the Foundation’s center of Madrid as spiritual director, to carry out management and teachings , meditations and practices.